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People Who Turned Down “Two and a Half Men” Before They Approached Ashton Kutcher

*John Stamos
*Hugh Grant
*Paula Abdul
*Mini-Me Riding on Tom Sizemore’s Shoulders
*The Westside Rentals Guy
*Marcel from Top Chef
*That Insane Pageant Mom Who Injects Her 8-Year-Old With Botox
*The Ghost of Uday Hussein
*A Coyote With Half A Dead Labridoodle In Its Mouth
*1997 Robert Downey Jr.
*A Lobster Trap Full Of Sweaty Dynamite
*Gallagher 3
*A Crash-Test Dummy Wearing Kerosene-Soaked Coveralls
*Judd Hirsch on Three Hours’ Sleep
*Martin Sheen



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